Monday, 4 February 2013

The Foundations of Foundation.

As my first post I've decided that I'm going to start with the very basics and we'll move on from there!

  • ALWAYS use a foundation that matches your skin tone. The best way to test a foundation is to visit the make-up counters bare-faced (terrifying, I know!). The best place to test a foundation is on your jawline. Your neck doesn’t tend to get a lot of sunlight and is generally lighter than the skin on your hand (where most people test foundation) this is why so many people end up with ‘tide-lines’ because they haven’t correctly matched their foundation to their neck. This is vital!

  • It greatly depends of your skin type what kind of foundation that will best suit you. If you have naturally clear skin and just want to even out your skin tone you can opt for a light coverage or gel based foundation. It won’t cover blemishes but can easily be teamed up with concealer if necessary. If you have quite problematic skin and are prone to break outs then I would recommend a full coverage foundation.

  • People with dry skin should steer clear of mousse foundations and go for cream based foundations. People with oily skin should look out for ‘oil-free’ foundations and matt finish foundations.

  • Now as for foundation undertones, this can get a bit confusing, foundations either have a pink undertone or a yellow undertone. Pink undertones compliment paler skin tones and yellow undertones compliment more sallow skin tones. However, if you have pink pigmentation in your skin that you don’t like, a foundation with a yellow undertone will help conceal it and vice versa.

  • Before applying your foundation you should always use a primer. This will increase the longevity of your make-up as well as give your skin a smoother appearance and help prevent oiliness coming through your foundation.

  • I apply my foundation before I apply concealer as I find a lot of the time that once my foundation is on I don’t actually need a concealer. This saves time and product!

  • Invest in a good brush!
  • Don’t use sponges or fingers simply because they’re not very hygienic and can spread bacteria which in turn can cause break outs (nasty!). I personally find stipple brushes the best choice, they give a more natural look and don’t leave lines like standard foundation brushes can.

  • Always apply your foundation in the same direction as hairgrowth, this helps prevent the foundation clinging to tiny hairs and looking patchy (we REALLY don’t want tide lines!!)

  • Don’t apply foundation up to your hair line and down you neck, if your foundation matches your skin tone you should be able to blend it seamlessly into your skin. If you bring it the whole way up to your hairline you risk it getting caught in tiny hairs and being left with a big line. If you match your foundation to your neck then there is no need to put foundation there, this will simply help you use less of the product and make it last longer.

  • Your foundation is the blank canvas you create to apply your make up on so it needs to be even and well applied in order for the rest of your make-up to look good.

  • Last but not least set it! You can use a powder in the same shade as your foundation or else use a translucent powder (which will suit most foundation shades). As I said already I’m not a fan of sponges or puffs as they’re the perfect breeding ground for bacteria so I’d recommend using a powder brush to gently press the powder onto your skin, pay particular attention to oily zones such as your t-zone, nose and chin.
  • Well that’s my tips for applying foundation. I hope you found it useful. Remember that the key to good foundation is good skin, so take care of it, you only have one face!

  • Coming up next is a post on contouring. If anybody has any requests feel free to ask me



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