Monday, 15 April 2013

Korres Lip Butter - Quince

Hello Ladies,

Hope you're all keeping well! The weather here is awful, it’s just so miserable! So much for spring! Its times like this though that I really appreciate my Korres Lip Butter. The cold and the wind always leaves me with really dry chapped lips but not when I have this little gem at my disposal! I picked it up a couple of months ago and had very high hopes for it because quite frankly I think that €12 is a ridiculous price for a lip butter but I needed a bit of luxury in my life and I'm glad to say that it hasn't let me down!

I chose to get it in Quince and I adore it! It’s a sheer pink shade and it looks really glossy on. It smells and tastes gorgeous too which is definitely an added bonus! Another thing that I love about this product is that it feels really light on and there’s no horrible stickiness when you're wearing it, in this weather the last thing you need is your hair sticking to your lips in the wind!!

The lip butters contain Shea Butter and Rice Wax which nourish and moisturise and form a barrier against the elements to protect your lips. Quince itself is also known to be moisturising and have anti-inflammatory properties and it gets even better, they're suitable for vegans too!! When you consider all the good quality ingredients that go into them little pots and the great job that they do I'd say that they're worth the hefty price tag. I’ll definitely be trying out some of the other shades and flavours!

Have you tried any of the Korres Lip Butters? What did you think? I'm also curious about their other products now, if you've used any other Korres products I’d love to hear about them! 

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