Saturday, 11 May 2013

Battle Of The Tans

Hello Ladies,

Hope you're all well, I for one am loving the fact that the weather is starting to pick up and the sun is starting to shine! I've started going for bright lips, bright nails, bright clothes and of course fake tan!! I love the confidence that a tan gives me but this year I have vowed to stay away from the sun beds! So in a bid to be a beautiful bronzed goddess (yeah I know it's going to take more than a bit of fake tan) I've recently being trying out lots of tans, some where not so good and on occasion I did look like an oopma loopma, If' you'd like me to do a post on the tans that I had bad experiences with let me know but for this post I'm going to share my favourites. Enough blabbing on, I'll get down to business!

Academie Bronz' Express

This tanning liquid is my all time favourite and I always go back to it no matter what other fancy bottles catch my eye. It gives such a natural looking golden brown tan, it's not too dark and not at all orangey which means its perfect for milk bottle ladies like myself! It definitely needs to be applied with a mitt as it dries incredibly fast so you have to be quick when applying it, I love the fact that it dries fast though as it means your don't have to sit around starkers waiting for it to dry. It has a nice smell to it, not biscuity like a lot of other tans and the smell fades in a matter of hours so you don't have that tell tale whiff! It has a gradual fade so it doesn't go patchy when its on a few days and it doesn't come off in the shower either, an application lasts me for about 5 days. It costs around €15 (£13) for 100ml and is available from boots and I get about 5 full body applications from a bottle so I think it's really good value for money!

bBold Tan Liquid

bBold Tan Liquid is a new tan to hit the markets so obvs I had to try it! It promises to give a natural colour, be non-streak, fade evenly, nourish your skin with Aloe Vera extracts, be anti-ageing with Vitamin E and to refresh with the scent of Calla Lily, Pink Peony and Vanilla Orchid. Thats a lot of promises from one little bottle that only costs €12.99 (£10.98) for 150ml! I got it in Medium/Dark as I wanted a really deep tan and I can honestly say it's lived up to all the promises it made! Like Bronz' Express it also dries really fast so is best applied with a mitt. It gives a really even deep gold tan and leaves skin smelling divine! It develops for upto 8 hours so it's best applied the night before. It says on the bottle that you should get 10 full body applications from one bottle which would be great value if thats true!

Marissa Carter Cocoa Brown

When I saw that this new tan promised to give beautifully bronzed skin in just one hour I had to try it! For those of you who aren't yet acquainted it's a mousse that you apply and leave on for between 1 - 3 hours and then wash off (don't use shower gel, I done this the 1st time and was so disappointed when I was still pale as a ghost, just plain old water). I've varied the time I've left it on for each time and with the 1 hour I find that it gives a very subtle tan, not a deep colour but just takes the paleness away and makes me look a bit more healthy. When I left it on for 3 hours it still wasn't as deep as others I've used but it was lovely and natural and would suit those who just want a hint of colour as opposed to a full on bronzed tan. I'd say this will become my winter tan. I'm not a fan of the smell when it's first applied but once it's rinsed off the smell fades considerable. At €7.99 (£6.76) for 150ml it's a bargain, I've already gotten 4 uses out of the bottle and theres still plenty left!

Tan Organic

I just got the tester bottle of this for €7.99 (£6.76) as the full size 100ml bottle cost €19.99 (£16.90) and I didn't want to spend that much money on a product when I'd never tried it before. The fact alone that they have tester bottles is fantastic! I got a full body application out of the tester bottle and still about 1/3 left over. I really like this tan, it gives a lovely sun-kissed look that lasts nearly a week and it smells fresh and citrusy.It dries fast and doesnt streak, as well as that it's completely 100% certified organic, no nasties!! If I was super-rich this would be the tan that I'd buy however right now I just can't justify spending that amount of money on a bottle of tan. 

What's your favourite tan? Have you tried any of these or do you have any recommendations for me? I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Omg they sound amazing. I'm after a really specific colour haha what one would you say gives the most golden colour? For example, like Millie Mackintosh's tan!?

    Tori xx

  2. Haha! Academie Bronz'Express can honestly do no wrong in my eyes! And it gives such a lovely deep golden tan, you should definitely try it out! But as its a liquid make sure you exfoliate well before applying it :) xx