Monday, 13 May 2013

L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash

Hello Ladies!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I went to my dads for the weekend for some family time and thoroughly enjoyed it! But Monday always has to come back around and ruin it all again! Anyway back to normality now! 
So just thought I'd stop by to let you all know about a new firm favourite of mine! This has literally not left my handbag since I got it! Its L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash in Lolita. As the long-winded name suggests it's a lip gloss and lip stain in one. Out of the 8 different shades available I picked up Lolita as it looked like a nice wearable pink-nude, I have sooo many bright colours already I just wanted something simple. Lolita is a pinkish nude with a very subtle gold shimmer that layers easily for a more opaque colour, it's perfect for day wear and doesn't need to be constantly re applied!

What's different about these little beauties is that they're 30% water based so they hydrate your lips as well as feeling light weight and non-sticky. The formula provides a 6 hour non-drying stain even after the gloss fades. These stains have been endlessly compared to the YSL Glossy Stains and as both are made by the same company it's no surprise! The quality of the L’Oréal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash is phenomenal and I just can't wait to get my hands on more shades!

The classy gold packaging is fabulous and looks so up market, and the clear plastic section of the tube allows you to see the colour clearly. It features a tear drop shaped wand for ease of application, the narrower end of the wand is perfect for out lining your lips and there's a dimple in the wand to ensure that just the right amount of product goes on, it's pretty fool proof! They cost €11.99/£7.99 which is about 1/3 of the price of the YSL Glossy Stains!! And if all that doesn't have you running to the shops (if you haven't already) they smell really nice too!

Have you tried these out yet? Are there any other shades you'd recommend?


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  1. This looks so pretty and what a bargain compared to the ysl!
    Kirsty x