Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Soap & Glory 'No Clogs Allowed!' Face Mask

Soap & Glory 'No Clogs Allowed' Super Self Heating Deep Cleaning Face Mask

Hello Ladies,

I just couldn't resist sharing this with you! My skin's been a big groggy lately as I've been chopping and changing a lot with my skincare regime and I'll admit I even used baby wipes to take my make up off last night (shudder) but in my defence there was vino involved!! My poor skin was so congested and icky and dull and then this miracle in a tube came to my my rescue and showed it whos boss! 

My favourite thing about this mask is that you only need to leave it on for one minute but you can leave it on for upto five minutes if you want a deeper clean so it means you don't have to walk around the place looking like an alien for 20 minutes. The mask is white when applied to dry skin and then you wet your fingers to massage it in and it acts as an exfoliator too and two things happen, one it turns blue and two it heats up (hot, hot, hot), I don't know which is more alarming! But I could literally feel my pores opening in the heat. So, I basked in the smell for a few minutes which comes from a beautiful blend of  menthol, eucalyptus, orange, palmarosa, rosemary and geranium and then I washed it off using the sponge that it comes with.

Wallah! My congestion was no more! I couldn't believe the difference it instantly made to my skin, I've used it before but my skin wasn't so bad then so although I liked it I didn't realise just how good a job it does! As promised my pores were unclogged and there wasn't so much as an inkling of a blackhead in sight. Another bonus for this mask is that it leaves my skin feeling really soft and not at all tight. I followed it up with L'Occitane Essential Water Spray and Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (see what I mean about my chopping and changing), my skin was back in all it's glory! It cost €12.87 (£11.00) from boots, usually I'd think thats slightly steep for a face mask but considering the amazing job it does I'll definitely be making a repurchase when needed!

I think this may have just become my holy grail face mask! Have you tried it?


  1. Ohh sounds good do u have oily r dry skin? I need to start a good cleaning regime for a wedding comming up in the summer any recommendations!

  2. I have quite good skin in general, not very problematic at all, if not taken care of it can tend to be slightly oily though, have u tried any liz earle stuff? It's pricey but well worth it! I've also started using the Soap & Glory hot cloth cleanser the past couple of weeks and that's amazing too and cheaper then liz earle!

  3. I love this mask! I've used it for a while:) great review! love your blog! I nominated your for the liebester award, you can see the rules here!:) xx